sine lupo


Sine Lupo, which means without wolf in latin, is a performance collaboration between Michela Aeillo and Jennifer Moule.

Aiello and Moule's practice is a fluid mix of Human graffiti, urban interventions, performance party, and poetic actions.

We like to paint our nails, lips and bodies and startle the landscape by sitting on it, in it and up it.  We seek to create a rare visual experience and add colour to the environment by hugging the architecture and creating our own surreal narratives. Sometimes we wear pink, a wedding dress, a little red cap or nothing at all.

We like to play, roll and collapse on the pavement.

"a big part of the celebration is experimenting the transformation of work space, or traffic space, or some kind of official space into playfield" (R.Schechner)

Our characters believe they are in vogue, but they are not. The brides and fuchsia maidens are Cindy Lauper zombies.  Here are two girls who 'just want to have fun', but have failed to grow up, and refuse to sit in an office and make love to the computer.

Our dresses are covered in cat urine, muck and cigarette stubs from rolling around in the street.

The street is our theatre and the public are passengers.

Everyone is invited.

Sonar, Barcelona, June 2010. 

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