sine lupo

About Us

Sine Lupo, which means without wolf in latin, is a performance collaboration between Michela Aeillo and Jennifer Moule.

Aeillo was born in Roma, Italy, in 1984. 

Moule was born in Pembury, England in 1985. 

They met in January 2009 performing Nic Green's Trilogy at the Battersea Arts Centre, London. 

Later that year they met in Barcelona and decided to become performance hooligans, launching their project "todo esto no es MaCba" and their blogsite: Caputxete means Little Red Riding Hood in Catalan. Their first exhibition of videos, photos and prehistoric plastic objects was held in the RAI space, Barcelona.

Moule has an interest in motor racing and funghi porcini.

Aiello has an interest in puppetry and nude gardening.

They have featured twice on the cover of Playboy ,Time magazine, and Novella 2000.

Barcelona, 2010.

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